Grown Ass Business™ Roundtable

Grown Ass Business™
Networking Roundtable

Wednesday May 1st, 12pm EST

Wednesday March 27th, 12pm EST

Wednesday March 27th, 12pm EST

A sustainable growth roundtable, with a strategic kick.

You’re a badass, and you’re building a badass business.  

This is your invite to join me, Celi, at the Grown Up Business roundtable for support and training to help you reach your next level in business.

Spoiler alert: It’s not another tool, tip, hack or shortcut!

Let me give you a peek behind the curtain of how 7, 8, and 9-figure businesses scale in the real world - a foundational business strategy that works to help you avoid big mistakes and disasters so your own growth is easier!

“You’re the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with” -Jim Rohn

The truth is, I used to hate this quote.
I heard it thrown around all the time.
But if I’m being honest...
it’s because I knew deep down that I didn’t have it.

And now after observing 100s of businesses and hanging out with highly successful entrepreneurs, I truly see that there comes a point where to grow your business (without hating your life), you don’t need another tool, or gadget or course or even guru coach.

Yep, I said it. You need the solid foundations of a Grown Ass Business™, and then you need to learn, connect with, and leverage people who are on the same mission and can support you and connect you to the right people.

That’s why this roundtable has a bit of a twist.

Yes I will give you the business goods. And then you will connect with other high achievers in business who are focused on growth and impact and change, just like you are.

Because at a certain point it’s not about what you do, it’s who you know.

What they're saying:

Tyler Lafleur
CXO at HP3

Jam Cardeño
CEO of RX Virtual

Dr. Tarryn MacCarthy

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Grown Ass Business™

Wednesday, May 1st
at 12 pm EST

Get strategic and leverage your connections.

⚙️ Access to Innovative Strategies You Can Use:

Discover Innovative Strategies to Keep You Ahead of the Curve - what’s working now in tech, management and market opportunities to save you time and give you a competitive edge.

⚙️ Create Your Grown Ass Business Black Book:

Expand Your Perspective, Resources and Your Network - get the inspiration, ideas, and connections to help your business grow with more ease and less stress!

With training and plenty of time for you to get answers to any questions, you’ll walk away charged up and inspired with actionable steps that make it 100% worth the time.

Hi, I'm Celi...

A seasoned entrepreneur and consultant with a proven track record of building and selling 7-figure businesses. With a background spanning global fashion manufacturing, corporate experience in luxury sales, COO to tech startups, and a specialization in leadership performance, I bring a comprehensive skill set to guide clients in building sustainable businesses. They not only overcome the struggles and pitfalls of entrepreneurship but strategically scale their businesses while realizing their aspirations of impact and, ultimately, a bigger life.

Whether you want 7+-figures or just a comfy $400K/year empire…

Continuing to grow your business doesn’t mean working 12+ hour days, neglecting family, or living on endless caffeine. Yes, it takes work. But when your business is setup to serve you, it gets easier.

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