It's Time To

Get Real On Strategy

I like to break the rules. Because as a rule follower, I found that my biggest break throughs and successes came from understanding the system so well, that I knew when I could break it. And that lead to huge deals and huge growth.

Like all artists, performers and athletes, they master their craft in order to know when to go with gut, intuition, flow and feeling.

It's the same for business strategy. You must understand it. You must understand how it works, what pieces you need to have in place, and then - when it's safe to bend the rules to what you're specifically trying to do. This is what this series is for, so come join in!



In this free session:

⚙️This month's theme?

What do you do when you’ve hit an Upper Limit in your business or your growth (or perceived upper limit) and how can we address it? In this session we will talk through what are upper limits, and do a fun visualization I do with myself whenever I’m feeling stuck or feeling like I’ve hit a limit.

⚙️You get to ask questions live

We learn best from interesting questions, so I will always leave time for your questions if you have any and we can work through them as best we can in the time allotted.

⚙️At the end, you can make requests for next month’s theme

these sessions are truly for you, and hopefully by the end of one session, some new questions or challenges have taken shape. If not, you are always free to submit your questions for the next session, and I’ll do my best to prepare material for you or find an expert guest who can.

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